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Our ideal is to become an integral part of your operation giving us a real chance to get to know your business and products and bring results that can be measured.

The remote outsourced model is here to stay. We hope you choose to work with us, but even if you make that decision and feel you've picked the right agency,the measure of a good agency is how they handle issues when they come up. It takes loyalty and consistency to be successful at it, and that’s what we bring to our clients.

Trudy Mockford


Hi, I’m Trudy, the founder of CloudMaitre Start-Ups Agency.

The remote outsourced model is here to stay. It takes loyalty and consistency to be successful at it, and that’s what we bring to our clients.

I am able to apply a broad business experience to working with our clients as I’ve worked in Corporate, Public Sector, SMEs, my own business and Start-Ups.

I understand business as I’ve held key roles in most disciplines, including Senior Management, Operations, Customer Service, Customer Success, First-Line Support, Project Management, Financial, Sales and Marketing.

My background is primarily Sales and Marketing and my expertise is in SaaS Start-Ups.

I thrive on the passion and energy that our clients have to bring their innovations to market and we work hard to compliment and shape that effort to bring results.

I’ve lived and worked in the UK, US, France, Italy and Spain and learnt to speak French, Italian, Spanish and some German.

I love technology and business, there’s a lot to be excited about and the learning never stops.

My motto is to Be Interesting and to Be Interested.


Marcus McGann

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Sawedee Krup!

My name is Marcus and I live in London.

I have a wide range of skills and experiences, but predominantly my roles have required me to work with start-up businesses.

I enjoy working with innovative and courageous individuals who desire to create / offer something that helps others in the world, which is a huge factor for me being a part of CloudMaitre.

The roles I have taken on within my past companies range from Customer and Technical Support to Sales and Marketing, which has provided me with a great deal of knowledge about what is needed for a new business to compete within the industry they are trying to succeed in.

At CloudMaitre, I am an Account Executive, which enables me to help our clients in specific areas that need improving, which is something I enjoy and am passionate about, as it enables me to think methodically about how we can get the best out of the limited resources that are available for most start-ups and so far has been a pleasure seeing how we are making a difference for new companies.

In my downtime, I enjoy reading investment books and am a huge admirer of anything Warren Buffett related. I am also learning Thai (which explains my opening sentence to my bio), as me and my wife are planning to live in Chiang Mai by 2020.

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Fozia Latif


Hello, my name is Fozia and I live in Kent.

I have worked in a project management / business administration role for 15 years in various companies.

The roles I have held have been in manufacturing and training companies.

This has allowed me to fine tune my skill set and later set up as a Freelance Virtual Project Manager / PA.

Trudy and I have worked together previously and so I am thrilled to be able to work with her again at CloudMaitre.

My role at CloudMaitre is primarily to support Trudy and the Team with the Business Administration and any other ad hoc support that they may need.

My values are - Integrity which I live by personally and professionally plus being caring & passionate about doing the best that I can do in all aspects of my objectives, the primary one being customer service.


Remember, there’s no “I” in “Team”!

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