We love Franco! Introducing CloudMaitre’s Customer Engagement Bot

Why going live with your own Chatbot doesn’t have to be a mare!


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If you’re anything like us, your business website’s been long established, it’s packed with functionality and you’re capturing enquiries through web forms, your built-in scheduling tools and good old-fashioned emails. Remarkably, some people even still use the telephone to ring you up.

It goes without saying, that here at CloudMaitre (your resource for Emerging Technologies use cases), we’re forward thinkers and we’re driven to finding solutions for engaging with our customers. We believe:

“These people want action. Fast. And they want it now.”

There has been a lot of talk about chatbots, particularly in the last 3 years.

The desire to set up a customised chatbot was initially blocked for one reason and another, not least, the resource requirement to scope and configure it, along with some hesitation on the cost to roll this out. Until, that is, we discovered a company called Virtual Spirits, operating out of Israel. 

Virtual Spirits were one of the very first builders of chatbots for commercial use. Like many operations, we don’t have abundant resource, developer and AI programming skills in-house. And how long would it take for us to have our chatbot live on our platform?

We discovered something unique about Virtual Spirits that sets them apart from other vendors: their proprietary self-learning engine. Let’s explore how that works.

Let’s take as an example the creation of an online customer service chatbot. We spoke with Zevik Farkash on the Virtual Spirits Team who told us:
“It often takes customers ages to add their chatbot content online. Typically, clients would run a brainstorming workshop to compile the questions that customers may ask. The reality is the initial planning may include provision for questions that customers aren’t even asking.
Our self-learning engine monitors the actual data customers are inputting and automatically feeds this to the client. We let the client know that this is a question that customers are actually asking so do they want to assign keywords to this question and create answers for it, etc.”

With a customer base of more than 12,000 customers globally and based on experience with 1000s of customers, Virtual Spirits have created quality chatbot templates to make the whole business of going live with your bot much easier.

The services Virtual Spirits provide have organically moved into the Enterprise space led by demand and they have therefore developed a Managed Service for their Enterprise customers.

The main attraction for us is that your chatbot can talk with your website visitors 24/7, answer customers questions and capture new leads. All without the need of human operator.

And so, we started out on the journey to bring Franco to life. The chat creation dashboard in Virtual Spirits is super, easy to use and offers plenty of options.


We added Franco to the CloudMaitre website to activate the AI Self-Learning. While talking with our website's visitors, Franco scans hundreds of conversations in order to learn new questions and send us recommendations. Our Chatbot identifies what we need to add to our chat scripts, based on information coming from conversations.

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All in all, it took us no time to sign up and have the chatbot operational on our website.

What can we say? Franco was a great hire. If not a little persistent! Chat with him on www.cloudmaitre.com, and you’ll find he successfully manages to get your name and email address out of you and let you know you’ll be getting a follow up call from the team.

 For your business, whether you’re looking for a bot solution for Lead Generation, Customer Service or Support, discover just how efficient the Virtual Spirits platform is. Get Started

 We really like the fact that no card is required to sign up for the 30-day trial. Alternatively, if you want us to set up a chatbot for you, get in touch on email:

TMockford@cloudmaitre.com    editorial@cloudmaitre.com

 CloudMaitre. Dec 29, 2017