Top 5 Reasons HubSpot is more than just a CRM!

Is Hubspot more than just a CRM?

The simple answer is yes! But if you’re looking for a better understanding of how Hubspot can benefit you, whether that’s building an Inbound Marketing Strategy, increasing your sales productivity, or just having an organised place to store all your contacts and conversations, then read on and discover our top 5 features of Hubspot.

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Before we dive deeper into Hubspot. It’s important to understand why you should pay any attention to us at all. CloudMaitre is a Hubspot Certified Agency, which isn’t just a fancy title given to those who write a couple of blog posts, but instead is awarded to certified companies who have invested time and skills in learning specific features of Hubspot and have the blood, sweat and tears to prove it… just kidding on the blood.

We love HubSpot and appreciate this article might seem a little biased. However, we'd suggest not using Hubspot if:

  1.  If you're just starting up and don’t have a sales process in place then looking into Hubspot, is definitely great for future reference, but probably isn’t what you should be focusing on right now.

  2. The work required to make Hubspot more than just another business tool, but instead a well-oiled machine requires a substantial amount of time invested to learn and implement each feature correctly. We would suggest hiring a Hubspot partner, but this will be an additional expense, which you will need to consider.

So, now that that’s covered let’s kick on.

It’s Free (Well Kind of)

Anyone can sign up for Hubspot today and receive the basic tools for Marketing, Sales, CRM and Service. You’ll be able to understand the basics of using Hubspot for different areas of your business and see how specific features might be of interest to you. Plus, you don’t have to enter any payment details on sign up.

While the free package allows for an understanding of Hubspot, it does, however, put a huge restriction on its full potential, and we have often found that most of our existing clients have already signed up for Hubspot, either the free, or the paid package and never realised its full potential until after we got involved and showcased everything Hubspot could be doing right now if set-up correctly at the beginning stage.


Hubspot has partnered up with some amazing companies to ensure you’re able to complement your existing business tools.

Hubspot has teamed up with hundreds of other leading tech companies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your team, but more importantly, you won’t need 20 tabs open before you even begin working.

The list is endless, but some of the better-known integrations consist of Facebook, WordPress, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier and Mailchimp to name a few.

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Build a ‘Smarketing’ Team

The term ‘Smarketing’ has been designed by Hubspot to stop treating your Marketing and Sales team separately, but instead treat them as equal participants in your Inbound Sales Strategy.

Hubspot not only encourages this but forces it. After implementing Hubspot correctly, you will see the difference in how your Smarketing team deal with new incoming leads through to them becoming loyal customers.

The Hubspot platform is designed to ensure the sales journey for your customers is seamless by making sure your team internally knows how to deal with each stage and who needs to do what. The key part of making this a reality is ensuring Hubspot has been set up with your sales process in mind, otherwise, you risk causing confusion and frustration within your team when an obstacle occurs and nobody has the skills or time to resolve.


Deal Stages

CloudMaitre has set-up brand new clients to Hubspot and also existing users of who weren’t getting the most out of their investment. Often we found the tool they weren’t using enough of was the Sales Pipeline.

Deal stages allow you to organize the sales stages of how your team move a deal from new, all the way to a closed, won customer.

The filter options allow you to focus on deals coming in yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, or your preferred choice. A combination might be one of your junior members of the team contacting older deals while the more experienced sales team are focusing on new incoming deals, which have been created in the pipeline separately for both team members.

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No, we’re not talking about Henry Ford here. Instead, we’re looking closer into all the things Hubspot does in the background to help you focus on more important things.

You can link pages from your website to capture incoming leads, which means the team doesn’t have to manually input every detail of the customer and frees up time to help and understand why the lead visited your website in the first place. You can also receive notifications whenever a lead revisits your website.

Hubspot dashboard provides real-time analytics of your Sales and Marketing team to see how sequences are performing, sales are developing, or your productivity with the number of calls, tasks and meetings booked.

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Can I Use HubSpot?

If you need help with increasing conversion rate and understanding why your customers aren’t choosing you, Hubspot might just be the tool you need.

At CloudMaitre, we can help you to configure your new or current CRM. We offer professional training on personalized CRM process to educate your staff about how they can apply customer relationship management tools to better promote your business, product and services. In addition, we provide reviews and analysis of our client’s current CRM and sales process, and also offer practical recommendations for getting the most out of your Sales Team.

At CloudMaitre, we are passionate about building customer trust. This has been one of the reasons why we continuously strive towards making sure that our customers get the best out of HubSpot. Why should you work with us? Our efforts at ensuring that we understand everything about your company (your business strategy, objectives, values and so on) helps us to always effectively deliver the best in all our services.

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