IoT - The Enabler

Insights and Loyalities - Benefits for the Brand Owner

The advent of the mobile device brought a whole new marketing channel, allowing marketers to reach customers on the move for the very first time.

Turning physical objects into a digital platform gives us a place to load content created specifically for our targeted audience and a place to communicate from with dialogue. Not only that, it allows us to transfer data between the product user and the brand.

We can not only display content and communicate but also access data. Connected devices interact and produce data on consumer behaviour. This on-going insight can then be used to improve customer service and better your products. An example of this is the manufacturer who can track how many times a consumer scans a smart label for information once the item has left the shop

Personalise the customer experience

By measuring and evaluating our customer’s behaviour we gain an understanding of their personal preferences and requirements. We can use this information to predict customer needs and tailor our offer to the customer

Build customer relationships

The insight data that we capture from the Internet of Things means we can offer a customised interaction to the consumer which leads to better engagement and in turn allows us to build durable customer relationships.

Increase Loyalty

Better customer engagement means more loyalty. This leads to repeat interactions, repeat buying and renewals, as well as referrals, which in turn leads to revenue growth for your business.


What should be planning around IoT for the future?

The pace of growth is remarkable and predicted to increase further.

User Expectations

Along with the growth of the sector, user expectations are also expected to develop and to alter. Before long, users are likely to assume that there is an add-on experience or content connected to every single physical object, whether that be an item, a package or just a label.

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